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MAX Members Virtual Apparel Store

Welcome to THE MAX Challenge Virtual Apparel Store! In partnership with our vendor, Uniform States of America, for the first time EVER, we've made it possible for our members to order MAX gear from the comfort and safety of your own home. There are some brand new designs available for you under the "LIMITED TIME ONLY" tab, as well as the exclusive "MAX FROM HOME" collection!

I am grateful for the support you've shown your local franchise owner by remaining by our side in our virtual program. The community we purposefully create and foster each day is one of the many things that make THE MAX Challenge special, and that has become clearer than ever since going completely virtual.

Once you receive your gear, please take a selfie, post it to your personal social media page, and tag your center to help us spread the virtual MAX love. Be sure to select your location during the checkout process too so that we can appropriately reward that location for your purchase.

Sincerely yours in health and wellness,

Bryan Klein

Founder & CEO
THE MAX Challenge